Meet the 2024 Senior Leaders

©Brisbane Catholic Education, Clairvaux MacKillop College, (2023).

A heartfelt thank you to our remarkable 2023 leaders for their dedication and inspiring contributions! Your hard work has made a lasting impact, and we appreciate all that you h,ave done.
We are excited to present the remarkable Student Leaders of 2024.
College Captains: Ella Munster & Tim Helsdon
Arts & Culture: Emily Swain & Andrew Do
Traditions & Celebrations: Bailey Seal & Bill Enright
Social Justice: Clare Lanagan & Matthew Thams
Sports & Leisure: Ava Bartholomaeus & Harrison Johnston
SRC: Izabella Evans Haslemore & Paul Reddy
Aspinall House: Violet Geake & Matt Doyle
Campbell House: Caitlin Beecham & Martin Hill
Chisholm House: Tony Henderson & Lukas Browne
Mackillop House: Daniella McDonald & Isaac Seeto
Rice House: Ellie Sinnott & Josh Toovey
Surawski House: Abbey Pielli & Finn Wilmot
"On behalf of the Student Leadership Team, we are all extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity we have been offered to lead the College in 2024. Our aim for our final year of schooling is to build and foster a stronger and positive culture around the College, to further increase school participation. We have so many great ideas and have already begun planning for the year ahead! Can’t wait to see you all in 2024!" Ella and Tim.