Academic Excellence Program

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The Academic Excellence Program is available in 2025. The program provides a challenging and enriching learning environment designed to extend each individual to achieve their full academic potential. It reflects our Vision for Learning in which the College strives to develop visionary young people who embrace their changing world with confidence and hope. Students will engage in a variety of stimulating activities through the broadening of the curriculum. 

In Years 7-10, the Academic Extension program is available in two strands:

Strand A – focuses upon Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, Aerospace, Design and Health

Strand B – focuses upon English, The Arts and Humanities (History, Geography, Business and Law)

In Years 11-12, the Academic Extension program continues with students able to begin online university studies (and achieve an ATAR).

Students can choose individual Units from leading institutions such as The University of Queensland, QUT, Griffith University, Central Queensland University and the Universi​ty of Southern Queensland. The wis​e choosing of Units could mean that these are credited towards a student's future degree program.​​

Click on the below PDF to find out more about the exciting program.

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