​​​​​​​​​​For our College community, sport is a passionate affair.  Clair-1475 (Mobile).jpg

The College is steeped in sporting history, boasting many state and national stars from a variety of sports. They strengthened their skills in district sport, regional representative sport and our intra-school house sport.  But it’s more than just talent and skills, our graduates also learn spirit, character, decision-making and leadership while representing the College.
In 2015, the College joined The South East Colleges Association of Sport (SECA Sport). This Association was established to facilitate and promote a spirit of camaraderie, competitiveness and support amongst the ten (10) Brisbane Catholic Education member schools.
We are proud to announce that the College has a strong history of winning the 3 sporting carnivals.  We have many different teams competing in an extensive variety of sports, who compete at all levels of competition.  ​
To view the results for the College please click on the SECA website.

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Students can participate in competitive sports including:
​​Kokoda Challenge
​Athletics Netball
​​Oz Tag

Rugby League

​​CMC Striders (Running Club)​

​​ Rugby 7s            
CMC Stingers (Swimming Club)
​Cross Country
Theatre Sports
Touch Football​​

 ​© Brisbane Catholic Education, Clairvaux Mackillop College, (2022)​.​

​Code of Conduct - Sport

Students are expected to travel to and from venues dressed in full school sports uniform, including correct socks, shoes and hat, and they will change into the appropriate playing strips at the venue. Any student who does not wear the correct sports uniform will not be allowed to participate and will remain at school. Students competing in inter-school teams will be expected to purchase the newly designed College Uniform (unless otherwise notified) for the various sporting codes. This will be available from the Uniform Shop before the commencement of SECA Sport Season.
Professional conduct MUST be displayed at all times, whether playing in a sporting team or participating in a recreational activity. Codes of Conduct/Behaviour for Clairvaux MacKillop College and the relevant sporting body associated with the team sport being played by your son/daughter are to be adhered to AT ALL TIMES. As a College, we pride ourselves on having a reputation for fair and ethical play and serious consequences will be faced by students who do not follow our high expectations.