Student Mentors

Student Mentors also assist with the Orientation phase of Formation Centre students and aide them with ongoing problem solving strategies to resolve basic daily organisational matters. 

They also support and communicate with members of the Pastoral Care staff and Senior Student Leadership Team when involving themselves in Formation Centre activities.​CMKC210428-1051 (Mobile).JPG
 Attributes required of a Student Mentor:
  • Act as a role model for other students in all aspects of life including behaviour, uniform, academic engagement, and right relationships with others.
  • An ability to communicate effectively with students, staff and parents in order to follow directions and achieve positive outcomes with all stakeholders.
  • Be a team member and support other members of the student leadership team and those staff that are involved in the pastoral care of the Formation Centre students.
  • Support the ethos/identity of the Catholic School including inclusiveness, authenticity, right relationships, sacramentality of life, and the common good.
  • Demonstrates school spirit in all facets of college life; arts, culture, sport, academic and faith life of the college
  • Is influential in motivating students to join in activities and events