College House System

​​​​Our students are allocated into one of six houses in which they remain for their entire time at the College. These Houses compete against each other, but they also form a strong support network for students while they are at the College.
Throughout the school year, students participate in their Home Room groups in various sporting carnivals in their houses. Throughout the year, each house also holds a Mission Week, which fundraises for a charity of their choice.
In line with our Catholic faith, our houses are named after modern-day Catholics who have made a significant contribution to the College community.
Our six houses are:
  • Aspinall (orange): named after an earlier St Bernard’s Parish Priest, Father Kevin Aspinall. 
  • Campbell (gold): named after Sister Margaret Mary Campbell, who was a sister of St. Joseph and the first Principal of MacKillop College.
  • Chisholm (green): named after Caroline Chisholm, who worked tirelessly during the 1800s in both England and Australia to help women and families.
  • MacKillop (red): named after St. Mary MacKillop, the founder of the Josephite Order.
  • Rice (blue): named after Blessed Edmund Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers.
  • Surawski (purple): named after Brother Surawski, a Christian Brother and the first Principal of Clairvaux College.


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Clairvaux MacKillop College supports a number of charity organisations during the year.  Each house holds a mission month that includes a number of awareness activities and events to raise money for each organisation. These include:
Aspinall - Emmanuel City Mission​  (Journeying with the most vulnerable in our society, one step at a time)
Emmanuel City Mission is a daytime sanctuary for the most vulnerable in our city.  The centre is based on Christian​ values and behaviour with each individual being treated with dignity and respect.

Campbell  - Caritas (Creating a just world)
Named after a Latin word meaning love and compassionWorking through thprinciples and practice of community development. Their mandate is to support people to help themselves out of poverty, hunger, and injustice

Chisholm -Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care (Living in peace and harmony)
It promotes interaction and understanding of our culturally diverse communitiesThe agency calls the church to embrace cultural diversity and to bring diverse cultures together in mutual appreciation and respect as a sign of promise in a divided world.
MacKillop - Sisters of Saint Joseph (Revealing the hospitable heart of God)
Held in God’s hospitable heart, they draw strength to respond to places of violence, fear and insecurity in their world, the places of incompleteness and limitation in ourselves. The words 'for us to have faith in God’s presence in every circumstance’, sums up what spirituality is for the Sisters of St Joseph.

Rice - Edmund Rice Camps (Providing growth, presence and fun)
Edmund Rice Camps creates a safe, supportive and fun environments that empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and volunteers alike to grow, develop and make new friends.
Surawski - Catholic Earthcare (Caring for creation)
An advisory agency on ecological matters including the safeguarding of the integrity of creation, environmental justice and ecological sustainability