​​St Vinc​ent de Paul

The St Vincent de Paul group consists of students from all year levels who come together to discuss social issues, raise awareness of issues in our community and organise events to raise money to help the less fortunate.  
This year the student group will be involved in the following activities plus a number of additional opportunities that arise during the year:
Term ​Events
Term 1​   
  • ​BBQ at CMC Swimming Carnival (donations to SVdP)
  • Develop and create Vinnies Youth poster competition (Years 9 - 12)
  • Street Retreat 
  • St Bernard's Primary School Homework Club
Term 2​​
  • ​Attend St Vincent de Paul Social Justice Day
  • Promote and organise the Winter Appeal (collection of blankets, sleeping bags, hygiene products, warm clothing)
  • Awareness campaign around a social justice issue
  • St Bernard's Primary School Homework Club
Term 3​
  • ​Annual winter sleep out​
  • Awareness campaign around on homelessness
  • Provide food and drink stall for College Founder's Day and Athletics Day (money raised will be donated to St Vincent de Paul conference)
  • St Bernard's Primary School Homework Club
​Term 4
  • ​Collection and distribution of Christmas Hampers to local St Vincent de Paul group
  • St Bernard's Primary School Homework Club
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The students will continue to attend fortnightly visits to the Retirement Village and hold weekly student meetings to organise events and learn about the history of St Vincent de Paul and it's Founders. 


Inte​ract at Clairvaux MacKillop College is a highly attended youth social justice group and acts as the student branch of Rotary Mount Gravatt. The group meets once a fortnight which allows for the flexibility to respond to current global or local disasters.
A representative from the Rotary group attends the student meetings and keeps the group informed of local news and events. Conversely, the students are also invited to attend the Rotary meetings once a term to talk about their achievements.
The main focus of each year is collaboratively decided upon in the first group meeting. The students choose several different charities to support and then they spend the year pursuing innovative ways fundraise.
Some charities Interact has supported in the past include: St Veronica’s, The Hear and Say Centre and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.
Money is raised through various key events including:
​Term ​Activities/Events
Term 1​​
  • ​Detention 4 Detention Awareness Day 
  • Appreciation Day
  • Easter Chocolate Raffle
​Term 2
  • ​Athletics Day Carnival Food Stalls
  • Annual Interact Day - Youth Service Month (May)
​Term 3
  • Founder's Day Bake Sale
  • Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Awareness Day
Term 4​
  • ​Christmas Appeal Project​