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​13 November

​​Griffith University GUEST program Trimester 1 2020 applications close​

​13 November
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​​9 December
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​11 December 

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The following students are to be congratulated on starting a school based Apprenticeship/Traineeship.


Angus Mocsynski-Rogers – KFC

Angus signed up with his employer, KFC to undertake a Cert III in Hospitality school based traineeship. Angus will miss one day a week of school to attend his place of employment as well as other hours (outside of school) during the week. Along with getting paid to attend, he will also complete a nationally recognised Certificate.


Oliver Stylinaou – Fusion Fab

Oliver recently signed up for a school based apprenticeship with Fusion Fab. Fusion Fab specialises in all areas of light engineering, including marine, residential and commercial. They offer metal services, plasma cutting, TIG, MIG, and MMAW welding as well as mechanical cutting and folding service.​ Oliver will be working towards a Cert III Engineering – Fabrication Trade.


Damian Martin – Subway

Damo is another student recently signed up to undertake a Certificate III in Business school based traineeship with Subway. 


We wish the students all the best in completing their respective Apprenticeships/Traineeships.


Oliver Stylianou Sign up 23.07.20 (Phone).jpgDamo Martin (Phone).jpg