Learning Enhancement

Clairvaux MacKillop College is committed to inclusive education principles and practices that support students with particular learning needs, so that they can access, participate and succeed in education.
Learning Support performs a key role throughout all facets of College life and encompasses a broad range of personnel who share responsibility with the College Leadership team, teachers, parents, counsellors, visiting teachers, consultants and other professionals, in fostering a culture that supports and enhances the educational outcomes for students.
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The Learning Enhancement Program aims to provide a flexible delivery, is very diversified, catering both for the student’s ongoing needs and new learning developments of students who have started at the College .  Clairvaux MacKillop College prides itself on being a school that has adopted a whole school policy towards Students with Disabilities and Learning Support that involves all staff adhering to a model of good practice. Staff are committed to identifying and providing for the needs of all of our students in an inclusive environment. 
Collaboration with parents/carers is an important part of the process of identifying and responding to the individual needs of students.
The Principal, in association with the student’s Case Manager and Program Leader: Learning Enhancement, ensure that all students are provided with the appropriate educational adjustments to enable them to access the curriculum.