​​​​We place a high priority on student well-being.Clair-1543 (Mobile).jpg
Our College Pastoral team is complemented by the expertise of a Counselling Service.  Three guidance counsellors are available to students: Mr Seng Tan, Ms Rachel Bryde and Ms Jasmine Kelly. The counsellors are registered psychologists.

In addition to this service, our Counsellors work in conjunction with other College staff and external specialists to provide behaviour support and specialist intervention to students with disabilities. All student information is kept confidential, except in cases where it is revealed that the student or someone that they know of may be in danger of being hurt, or is engaging in illegal activity.

We encourage our students to speak with our Counsellors, Homeroom Teacher or Pastoral Leader regarding any concerns that they may have.
Appointments can be made directly with:
Mr Tan:       3347 9227 or                
Ms Bryde:   3347 9229 or​
Ms Kelly:     3347 9200 or​